Contemporary Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas For Phoenix Homes

Greg Arnett

When it comes to the kitchen, most Arizonians are looking for a space that is simultaneously practical and attractive. Not just any window treatment above the counter works. Take a look at these contemporary kitchen window treatment ideas for your Phoenix home.

Plantation Shutters For Kitchen Windows

With their clean lines and ultimate light control, plantation shutters make for perfect window treatments in the kitchen. These kitchen shutters allow you to cover your windows without sacrificing the architecture of the window - or the view. They’re the stylish statement you’ve been longing to make in your kitchen.

Plantation shutters feature two modern styles: faux wood and real wood.

Faux Wood

White Polywood Shutters For Phoenix Kitchens

Faux wood plantation shutters like Polywood® are the perfect kitchen shutters in Phoenix due to their moisture proofing. So all the humidity from washing dishes and cooking over the stove does not affect their integrity one bit. Not only that, but Polywood plantation shutters are crafted from a wood synthetic that is painted with UV inhibitors so that the shutter never warps and the paint color never dulls.

The best thing about Polywood plantation shutters for kitchen windows? Even if the blender goes out of control and splatters its content all over, these shutters can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. These things happen. And with Polywood, there won’t be a stain left to see on the shutters itself! Blinds and shades won’t be able to give you that level of stain resistance.

Not to mention, these stylish kitchen shutters can be custom designed to match your window just right. And when you purchase Polywood shutter for your kitchen, you can be confident that these are the most energy efficient window treatments in Phoenix.

Real Wood

Ovation Wood Shutters For Phoenix Kitchens

Like faux wood shutters, real wood shutters are water sealed for moisture control. And when wood shutters are quality stained and custom fit to your windows, they offer a modern touch that is timeless.

Ovation® wood shutters are made from furniture-grade, solid teak that is famous for its durability. And these kitchen shutters are available in an array of stains to go with your modern kitchen decor.

Blinds For Kitchen Windows

Wood Blinds For Phoenix Kitchens 

With upgrades such as motorization and cordless lift systems, hardwood and faux wood blinds are transformed into stylish window treatments for your kitchen. And when you think about all the finishes and stains available, changing outdated blinds over your sink with a more modern choice of blinds is easy.

Shades For Kitchen Windows

Roman Shades For Phoenix Kitchens

Depending on the pattern and the fabric you select, roman shades can add a contemporary feel to your kitchen. With dangling cords out of the way thanks to the continuous cord loop and cordless lift systems, these kitchen window treatments are a contemporary addition for your Arizonian home.

Get Your Contemporary Kitchen Window Treatments

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