Beat the Heat and Expenses Through Window Shutters for Phoenix Homes

Greg Arnett

Just like the case of winter, preparing for summer should take place months before it arrives. Doing so allows homeowners more flexibility as far as managing their expenses – which are sure to rise when summer comes – are concerned. As the AZ Central article shares, it is vital to conduct home energy audits to determine which areas of the house need repairs, upgrades, and a little bit of tweaking.

“The final audit report will recommend what items in your home need to be fixed. It might include suggestions for adding shade screens to windows, planting trees near sunny areas of your home, or doing caulking or weather stripping on doors or windows. It will also give cost estimates for the jobs involved. You can decide what you want to do this year and what can wait.

Generally, doing many repairs or changes like this can cost far less money than the $5,000 to $8,000 it would cost to replace your air-conditioner and furnace. But if you do need to buy a new HVAC system, the audit can tell you that as well.”

Apart from having an HVAC system that’s in great working condition, homeowners should also look to improve their windows by installing treatments like reliable shutters in Phoenix. Since the goal is not only to beat the summer heat but also increase energy-efficiency and lower expenses, homeowners must pick shutters that offer more than aesthetics. The article stresses that windows must pass auditing tests concerning possible leaks that may cause indoor temperature to rise even further—an aspect which can be addressed accordingly by installing the right type of shutters.

Beat the Heat and Expenses Through Window Shutters for Phoenix Homes

When choosing shutters, you should look for options that are relatively affordable, but still get the job done without compromising quality and durability. Some of the key elements to look out for are the insulation capabilities and UV coating, which are present in shutters by leading providers like Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions. Furthermore, go for something that is temperature-resistant, since the scorching heat of the summer can become really punishing.

By investing in quality shutters in Chandler, Phoenix, or in any other part of the state, you can expect comfort, lower electric bills, and a better-looking home, not only in summer, but for the rest of the year.

(Source: “Prepare for summer with a home energy audit,” AZ Central, April 30, 2014)