Choosing the Right Window Shades in Phoenix Helps Improve Lifestyle

Greg Arnett

Change is the only constant in the world. Change can also come in various forms: a new job, a new neighbor, even a new window treatment. A new window treatment can definitely change the way a room looks and on how this same person treats his space.

freshen up decor with layered window treatments

There are different blind options available, and Jan Peterson of The News-Leader published an article dated February 20, 2014 that tackles what kind of window treatments is right for the home. He writes:

“Kimberlee Stockwell-Braasch has seen plenty of trends come and go over the 30 years of her interior design career.

If your décor is looking a little dated, Stockwell-Braasch says a great way to give a room a fresh look is with new window coverings.

She recommends approaching the project in layers.

“In window treatments, probably layered looks are really popular right now. They can be done to also help with the budget. You start out with maybe something for light and privacy control but could also have a decorative feature to it,” Stockwell-Braasch says.

There is a tremendous range of products available for light and privacy control, everything from roman blinds to shades that rise or lower at the push of a button.”

Stockwell-Braasch gives good opinions on what one can choose, but for window shades in Phoenix to last long hanging in the houses, they must be able to fulfill the needs of the homeowners.

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the toughest places to reside in the United States. High temperatures combined with low amounts of rainfall annually can make it a burden for people to go out regularly.

This is why it is important that these households get to choose the best Phoenix shades available. A good window shade will help control the influx of light into the home. It will also provide privacy to households that really need it.

This is why it is important to carefully choose the right window treatment. First, they must consider the purpose of the room. Secondly, they should also keep in mind the window’s function. The design of the shade will also come to play. Asking a trusted provider like Sunburst Shutters while keeping these things in consideration will help homeowners find the perfect shade.

Phoenix is a tough place to live in, but having a good window shade helps make the situation a lot more pleasurable.

(Source: freshen up décor with layered window treatments, The News-Leader, February 20, 2014)