Heat-Resistant Phoenix Shutters to Keep Early Arizona Heat at Bay

Greg Arnett

A high-pressure area off the coast of Southern California will continue to bring clear skies and sunny days to southwest Arizona, according to meteorologists. Blistering 80-degree records have hit cities and towns in the region including Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma. Unless another weather system dislodges the high-pressure area, it may only get hotter.

“In the Southwest, the weather service says several cities in Arizona may break February records during the President’s Day weekend. Phoenix is expected to reach 87 on Saturday and 85 on Sunday. Both would be new highs for those dates.

Down south in Tucson, the mercury is expected to hit 89. But Tucson could possibly receive its first 90-degree day of the year, Dewey added. In southwest Arizona, the city of Yuma is expected to reach 90 Friday and 91 on Saturday.”

This is just the prelude; the period between May and September is the hottest part of the year for Arizona. In fact, Arizonans take their hot climate so culturally that they make one-liners out of it. Simply add a funny-but-true phrase to “It’s so hot in Arizona that…” and hope that you’ll get some giggles.

southwest warmed by record heat

Arizona’s valley system prevents most of the cool Pacific breeze from reaching the state. You can tell by looking at the ring of clouds hovering over the mountains, namely California’s Laguna Mountains on Arizona’s west flank. Even if cool air manages to cross over the mountains, as soon as it gets close to ground level, it’ll instantly become warm air.

If there are masters of cooling, it must be the Arizonans. They deal with this weather system for most of the year, but they know that overworking the air conditioner means reduced service life and hefty utility bills. This is why air conditioners are almost never alone in beating the Arizona heat; they have Phoenix shutters to help out.

Window treatments like Chandler shutters and shades are low-cost contributions to the cooling effort, whether at home or the office. Along with other types of insulation, even a house without an air conditioning system can stay cool under the unforgiving Arizona heat. This is because the shutters, with heat-protective coating, are designed to keep outside heat out.

Shutter dealers like Sunburst Shutters AZ know the local heat as much as every resident in the state does. They also offer shutters designed to last for years in really hot conditions.

(Article information from “Southwest warmed by record heat,” Associated Press [c/o KVOA], February 14, 2014)