Shutters in a Phoenix Bungalow Window Lend a Nice Touch to the Home

Buying or building your own bungalow is a good investment if you’ve worked hard to make it happen, especially if it’s of a classic design. To further enhance the look of your home, you may consider dressing up the windows with shutters. However, Paul Kelsey Williams states in his article for Old House Journal:

“Some people will go to extreme lengths to research the original colors of their Queen Anne or re-create lost bungalow woodwork. Yet many of these same old-house devotees flunk the historical accuracy test when it comes to exterior shutters, installing the wrong shape and even mounting them backwards.

To avoid such blunders, it helps to review exactly what these devices were originally meant to do and how they’re supposed to function and to revisit an often overlooked rule contained in the word itself-shutters should shut! Then you’ll be ready for an analysis of your existing window openings for clues as to whether your house once had shutters and what you should look for in replacing them.”

The excerpt above may possibly strike a chord with residents and visitors of the great city of Phoenix, Arizona. The city boasts of a fine quality of life that even fresh settlers will love. The Valley’s downtown district has an endless supply of period and modern bungalows to choose from. When you want something that covers the windows and matches the overall architecture of the bungalow you bought or leased, consider the products of quality providers of shutters in Phoenix, such as Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions.

Choosing the right kind of shutters requires a deeper understanding of form and function. Williams states that putting in solid shutters at the ground floor windows can enhance security against potential break-ins. However, they can still help in air circulation by using tilt rods built onto the frame itself.

A Phoenix shutters company has an array of interior and exterior shutters that may fit your house. By looking at the shape of the window recesses, you may be able to determine the design of the ideal shutter for your window, according to Williams. This means that the final choice must have the same dimensions as the opening itself.

Using shutters to accentuate your bungalow windows and enhance the overall architecture of is a plus point for the home. If installed well and with good taste, shutters can actually give the property a unique ambience.

(Source: Shutter Do’s and Don’ts, Old House Journal)