The Heat is On! Now is a Good Time to Get Quality Blinds in Phoenix

Greg Arnett

Summers in Arizona have always been very hot and humid, but weather officials think that the 2014 summer season may be far worse. According to Arizona radio station 92.3 KTAR (“The Voice of Arizona”), officials are convinced that the state is very likely to experience summer temperatures similar to those that caused the Rodeo-Chediski wildfire in 2002. The relatively dry winter season this year is believed to have played a huge role in this development.

Fire Conditions

The temperatures needed to start a fire due to high heat (also known as “spontaneous combustion”) vary from one type of material to another. However, these temperatures are undoubtedly very high; hitting the 3-digit mark in degrees Fahrenheit.

Although spontaneous combustion mostly occurs in rural, forested areas, one can only imagine the temperatures that households in Phoenix will experience in the coming summer season. As such, it’s not a bad idea for homeowners to refit their window treatments with high-quality blinds from Phoenix suppliers, such as Sunburst Shutters AZ, to protect themselves from the inevitable high temperatures and harmful UV radiation this season.

Although homeowners can install solar films in their windows to achieve the same level of protection, it can be argued that window treatments like shades and curtains perform a better job. Window treatments allow homeowners to regulate the amount of sunlight that enters a room by simply pulling a cord or activating the remote.

Aside from that, shades and curtains that provide good protection against sunlight are also effective in muffling outdoor noise–something that can help homeowners sleep better at night. Likewise, beautifully-made window treatments that complement the home’s interiors can greatly add aesthetic value to any home.

Homeowners who want to prioritize sunlight protection and insulation, while adding beauty to the home should consider vertical blinds or panels. These window treatments don’t just block excess sunlight and UV rays, they can also promote good indoor air circulation, thanks to their strong, but flexible design. Sunburst Shutters AZ’s panel track shades, for example, serve these purposes really well, making them the ideal Phoenix blinds for this summer.

The blistering heat in the days means installing the right blinds and shutters soon. Here’s hoping that Arizona won’t have to contend with another Rodeo-Chediski fire this year.

(Source: Official: Fire conditions similar to Rodeo-Chediski summer, KTAR, April 2, 2014)