3 Projects to Winterize Your Home In Phoenix

Greg Arnett

Winter is coming. Is your home ready? Here are 3 things you can do in Phoenix to get ready for the season so you’re able to relax and enjoy the great things that winter offers.

White shutters in Phoenix alcove. 

1. Decrease drafts

Drafts in your room mean higher energy costs. And even if the Phoenix winter may be mild, servicing drafty rooms can also keep your home cool come summer. You can maximize your home’s insulation and eliminate drafts by:

  • Installing extra insulation to your attic and/or crawlspace. Consult with a professional to see if your current situation is enough.

  • Examining your doors and windows for leaks and caulking gaps that you find.

  • Installing energy-efficient window treatments like Polywood® plantation shutters with integrated weatherstripping. Polywood shutters insulate up to 70% more effectively than a regular wood shutter and repel as much as 30° of airflow through the window.

  • Getting an energy audit to see where air might be seeping out of your home and what can be done to fix it.

Phoenix fitness room with shuttered windows.

2. Go on the offensive against water damage

Water damage can dampen your holiday cheer. Prior to when the temperature dips or the wet season starts, take preemptive measures to keep water moving where it should, rather than ending up where it could damage your house. Steps to take include:

  • Clear your gutters out so that water and melted snow can flow through them. Blocked gutters can lead to dams which can damage your roof or cause water to leak through your ceiling.

  • Make sure your pipes are heated because frozen water pipes may rupture and cause major interior damage. Depending on your local weather and home, you’ll need to speak with a professional about insulating pipes near the exterior of your home or even wrapping heat tape around them. Be sure to keep your thermostat at no lower than 55° at night, especially if you’re out and about.

3. Take Advantage of Home Inspections

You need to make sure your house is running in tip-top form when winter comes. Annual check-ups of key systems in the home can assure that your home is safe and energy efficient.

  • Heating, AC, and water heater. Your heating system and water heater are some of the most notable energy sinks in your house. An inspection will make sure your systems are efficient and safe. This time of year is also an ideal time to have your water heater flushed out to remove buildup.

  • Chimney. Inspections let you take advantage of the ambiance of your chimney worry-free.

Phoenix fireplace with plantation shutters.

Relax and Enjoy This Winter

Once your home is ready for winter, you can enjoy everything the season offers in Phoenix, from a coffee by the fireplace to game nights with guests. And if you’re in the market for a new look for your space this winter, contact us to discuss window coverings such as shutters, barn doors, or blinds for any room in your home. Get started by calling Sunburst Shutters Phoenix at 480-485-7743 for a free in-home consultation.