3 Signs You Were Given a Bad Quote on Your Shutters in Phoenix

Greg Arnett

When you invite a shutter professional, home remodeler or any other home service provider into your Phoenix house, you place a lot of trust in them. Sadly, some home service providers may exploit your trust, especially during the quoting process. To help you in getting top-notch home services, we’ve assembled some of the warning signs of a bad shutter quote, and the steps you can take to protect yourself when getting a Phoenix shutter quote and picking what company to do business with.

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Note that while our experience is mainly in shutters and window treatments in Phoenix, these points can apply to any home service, from home security installers to painters and more.

Signs of a Bad Shutter Quote

The biggest giveaways of a bad shutter quote apply to just about every home service. Here are some of the most commonly-seen warning signs.

The Price Quote You’re Given Is Far And Away The Best

If you’re given a quote for shutters from someone and it blows the competition out of the water, be on your toes. The company might be quoting you for a baseline product with several features removed that you thought were included. Remember the saying, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

They Give A You Fantastic Price Quote Without Seeing The Job In Person

Some shutter companies might quote you an awesome price on shutters without ever stepping foot near your windows, asking about your unique needs, or even measuring the windows. There’s a lot that goes into picking a great shutter, so if your shutter provider can’t get all the details correct, there may be a significant gap between a quote and the final price.

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The Dealer Insists That Their Product is Identical to the Name Brand

A surefire sign that there may be an issue during a shutter or any home service quote is if the sales representative insists that their product is the same as the name brand. Every product is unique from how it’s built to the material to its finish and beyond. Yet, companies who offer cheaper products will often tell customers theirs is the same as brand X. They do this to make you feel like you’re getting a proven product for a great price, when you’re probably buying a lower-quality product for a lower price.

How To Guard Yourself Against Phony Shutter Quotes

Knowing these symptoms of a bad quote can save you money and stress in the long run, but you can also take a few steps to ensure that you do business with a good shutter company.

Check Their Credentials

Do a little research on your shutter dealer or home service provider. Resources like Google Reviews or Angie’s List can give you a great image of their trustworthiness.

Get Your Quote in Writing

You’re not always able to trust a quote you get over the phone. Getting a price quote written out lets you check that the details (including sq. footage, shutter extras, and install specifics) all match what you think you’re getting. And be sure that the details are on the quote–including the total square footage, name/brand of the product, and warranty details–in writing!

Work Local

Working with a local shutter seller or local contractor gives you less hassle when making sure a quote is for exactly what you need. Sunburst Shutters Phoenix is locally owned and managed, and we strive to make the entire shutter-buying process as easy as possible from start to finish.

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Get a Reliable Shutter Quote in Phoenix Today

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