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Classic white plantation shutters in living room.

Is It A Good Idea To Install DIY Plantation Shutters In Phoenix?

August 25, 2023

You adore the idea of upgrading your home with plantation shutters thanks to their timeless attractiveness, sturdiness, and superior light control. But is it a good idea to attempt to save a few dollars by installing them yourself? While there exist many projects you can do by yourself, DIY plantation shutters is typically not one of them. See why turning to the pros is the ideal route in Phoenix.

Oversights When Buying DIY Plantation Shutters

Wood plantation shutters in bedroom

Just like there are numerous kinds of windows, there is a wide assortment of interior shutters to pick from, all of varying levels of quality. Resorting to the least expensive option can soon lead to regret when you have to replace them a year or two later. Avoiding second-rate window treatments is a important concern, but you'll also need to refrain from these other standard errors when selecting plantation shutters for DIY projects:

  • Selecting the wrong material: Don’t use real wood or vinyl for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms that are better off with water-resistant Polywood® shutters.
  • Putting in a shutter that makes the window less functional: You may not be able to open your window properly with ill-fitting shutters.
  • Buying an improper product for a specialty application: DIY interior shutters will probably be cumbersome for particular installations like uniquely shaped windows or French doors.

You might also discover that terminology can vary depending on the manufacturer. A professional installer will clarify things and take time to understand your project’s unique needs so you get the most appropriate window treatment.

Measuring Can Get Tricky For Phoenix Plantation Shutter DIY Projects

Professional installing plantation shutters.

Precise measurements are essential for any home project’s success. If your shutter measurements are even a little bit inaccurate, it will lead to unsightly gaps or a too-tight fit. Either issue causes amateur-looking installations. Taking inaccurate measurements happens easier than you might assume, particularly when working with very large or specialty-shaped windows.

You also must to decide if your shutters will be inside- or outside-mounted and the style of shutter frame you want. After you decide how you want things, do you know how to measure for that style and what point to measure? Numerous factors are involved, as you may need to make sure that the frame style can work on your walls. A shutter designer offers some assistance, but an expert consultation can walk you through all the possibilities.

You’re Truly On Your Own When Doing DIY Shutters

Plantation shutters covering windows in dining room.

Consider if there’s a problem during your DIY shutter installation. You probably won't have warranty protection if doing the job on your own. On the other hand, a professional install will guarantee your shutters won't deteriorate after a year or two. Installing interior shutters can also be heavy, awkward, and even hazardous; you don't want to put yourself through that trouble multiple times in a lifetime.

Get Your Plantation Shutters Installed By The Pros

Avoid the work of DIY, and have your interior shutters done by the pros at Sunburst Shutters Phoenix. You will receive an exact fit and enjoy products of the best quality that will last for as long as you're in the home. Let Sunburst do all the work, and you can take it easy. Call 480-485-7743 today to schedule your free in-home consultation.