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How To Replace A Broken Shutter Magnet

August 11, 2015

Video Transcript:

Greg: Hi, it’s Greg and George again from Sunburst Shutters and Window Fashions.

George: And

Greg: That’s right. And today we’re here to show you how to replace a broken magnet on your shutter. Have you ever opened your shutters to find out that the magnet itself is broken? Well, if you have . . .

George: Well, it’s actually working very well. It’s right here. It’s not supposed to be here?

Greg: Right, I guess what I’m saying is the housing is broken. It’s still magnetized but the magnet should be over here.

George: Then we need to replace the housing and make an assembly.

Greg: Well then, let’s show them how to fix it.

George: Alright.

Greg: Alright. So if we’re going to fix this we’re going to need a few tools. What do we need George?

George: Well, you’ll need a way to take the screws out of the sill.

Greg: Would this do the trick?

George: I think, probably, yes.

Greg: Which end do I hold it from?

George: The big end!

Greg: Or if you really want to make your job easy, a little power drill will make it go a little faster.

George: Let’s see how that works.

Greg: So the first thing we need you to do is we just need to take the broken housing of that magnet off of the frame here.

George: One easy way to accomplish that is to use a number two Phillips. So you just take that first fastener out of that and remove part of the broken facing.

Greg: Or if you want to impress your friends, George.

George: Well, you go right ahead.

Greg: Thank you.

George: More power.

Greg: Just back that out with the drill and then we just need to put a magnet back in the same place using the same fasteners.

George: If only we had a magnet.

Greg: For occasions such as these, I always carry a magnet. What do you say, George?

George: That’s awesome. And fortunately, we just reuse the same holes that are in the sill.

Greg: Just make sure you don’t go down too tight that you split that plastic. And now we’ll get this other one that was on there previously. Then we’ll put that right back in that hole right there. And that’s all there is to it. That’s all you need to do to replace a magnet. Just back that out and put it back in and we’re good to go. And that’s going to catch for years to come.
So you can always find these magnets at stores, hardware stores, and that kind of thing, but where else can they get them, George?

George: You can call us right here at Sunburst Shutters and Window Fashions and we’ll be happy to mail some to you at no charge.

Greg: Let us know if you need anything, we’re here to help you out.