So Long Traditional Window Treatments For Entry Door Sidelights In Phoenix, AZ!

Greg Arnett
Your entry door is the first impression a guest has of your Phoenix home as they’re knocking. Glass sidelights contribute to the charm of the door. At the same time, they take away from your privacy. This is where window treatments are an excellent choice for your entry door sidelights.
Many Phoenix residents went with outdated window treatments for sidelights, including shades and blinds. But there’s a more fashionable alternative: entry door sidelight shutters.

Shades & Blinds For Entry Door Sidelights

Shades and blinds could be the first window treatments you think of when it comes to sidelights. They’re available in home improvement stores in sizes that may not be an exact fit for your entry door sidelights. And you already know how to set them up and operate them.
Remember that sidelight blinds and shades have some considerations to keep in mind before buying them. First, they will sway every time the door is open or shut, when the wind rattles the slats against the glass. This leads to unwanted noise. One way to fix that is to tie them down at the bottom. But this would possibly change the appearance and may not reduce the noise. Second, these window treatments give you privacy but come up short in temperature control. The fragile material fails to insulate against the outside temperature - hot or cold. And third, blinds and shades don’t have the customized style that impresses your guests as they come through the front door. Plantation shutters do.

Entry Door Sidelight Shutters In Phoenix, AZ

Entry Door Sidelight Shutters Next To Black Door In Phoenix, AZ 
Plantation shutters are the modern window treatment you’ve been searching for in Phoenix. Constructed from solid wood or wood polymer, shutters for entry door sidelights are mounted on the frame of the door while allowing the louvers to move. Now opening and shutting the entry door does not result in any noise.
When the louvers are closed all the way, plantation shutters offer complete temperature control and privacy. Easily tilt the louvers with a tilt rod to let in more of the light and the view. And with Polywood® plantation shutters, the louvers insulate against 30° of temperature and lessen airflow by up to 45%.
The charm of plantation shutters for sidelights isn’t limited to energy savings. With a variety of louver sizes, frame styles, wood stains, and a paint matching program, you are finally able to enjoy the contemporary touch you love. Our experts aid you in deciding on custom window shutters for your entry sidelights. And we’ll mount them to fit your sidelights flawlessly.

Say Hi To Entry Door Sidelight Shutters For Your Phoenix Home

Ready to say farewell to old fashioned window treatments and say hi to shutters for entry door sidelights? And if you are interested in the same style of shutters for your patio door or French doors, we offer those also. Call 480-485-7743 or fill out the form below to schedule your free in-home design consultation today!