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Raked window with plantation shutters

The Perfect Window Covering For Angled Windows In Phoenix

August 29, 2016

As rake (or angled) windows are getting increasingly popular in contemporary interior design, common window treatments such as shades or curtains just don’t cut it any longer. You need a window covering that will accentuate the uniqueness of your window, instead of masking it. For this reason and others which we’ll dive into, plantation shutters are our number one recommendation for any angled windows in your Phoenix house.

Slanted windows on gold wall with brick divider.
Let’s see the details on how your angled windows would be served best by shutters from Sunburst Shutters Phoenix.

Custom-Made For Any Window Shape And Size

No window treatment out there fits angled windows as superbly as do custom-made plantation shutters.Do you have triangular windows in your Phoenix home? Maybe you have windows that are slanted. Whatever your situation, Sunburst Shutters Phoenix can construct shutters that seamlessly fit and emphasize your window’s unique shape. And unlike drapes or curtains that mask your window behind a rectangular cover, shutters can truly display the uniqueness of your home’s architecture.

Along with keeping the visual accent angled windows add to your home, plantation shutters also come with several benefits beyond their aesthetics.

Unmatched Control Over Your Space

Angled windows with a door. 

Shutters aren’t just an excellent window covering product for their looks. Shutters are also the most effective treatment for giving you utmost control over heat flow and light in your space. With a quick adjustment of the louvers, plantation shutters allow you to manage the amount of light that comes into your space.

When it’s a priority to keep your space at a desirable temperature, there’s no product better than Polywood® plantation shutters since they are designed with energy efficiency in mind. When used properly, the Polywood Insulating System can block nearly 30° of airflow, and can lower heat transfer by up to 45%, which means your home stays the perfect temperature, and your AC bills stay manageable.

For uniquely-shaped windows, ultraviolet-blocking window film is also an consideration because it is able to be custom cut to any shape. Remember though that window film won’t give you much visual control of the room, and should usually be paired with a secondary window treatment like shutters to allow for more privacy and add style to your house.

The Money Component

Like we mentioned before, plantation shutters are extremely effective at home insulation as well as lowering your utility bills, but there are additional ways you can benefit from your window investment. Given the proper care, the shutters on your rake windows can last a lifetime, while other window treatments might need regular replacement after just a couple of seasons.

When the time comes to move on from your home and list it for sale, plantation shutters are a eye-catching selling point for potential buyers in Phoenix. Not to mention, the character they add to your angled windows can improve walkthrough appeal, just like new flooring.

Ready To Find Your Angle?

So we’d like to ask you - are your rake ready to reach their potential? If so, Sunburst Shutters Phoenix is prepared to assist. Call us at 480-485-7743 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to set a time for your free, in-home design consultation, so we can show you all your options and help you find your perfect fit.