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Light coming through zebra shades in living room

Everything To Know About Zebra Shades In Phoenix

November 27, 2023

Do you appreciate the appearance of roller shades but want something that offers more sunlight control and allure to your interior? Zebra shades may be the best solution. Also referred to as zebra blinds, transitional shades, or layered shades, these window coverings with an unusual name offer an exciting degree of functionality and visual appeal. Discover more about zebra shades in Phoenix homes.

What Are Zebra Shades?

Zebra shade lets in light from a window near a staircase

It’s OK if you expected to find a shade with black-and-white stripes resembling a zebra. You will see stripes, but not exactly like the equine they're named for. Instead, you’ll see horizontal stripes that consist of alternating sheer and solid fabric bands. Really, it's a specialized take on a roller shade with a continuous roll of fabric in front and back that you can tweak to get the sunlight levels you want. In addition to ingenious control of sunlight, zebra shades may be customized in various colors, textures, and styles to fit your decor.

How Do Zebra Shades Work In Your Phoenix Home?

Zebra shade controlling light in a cozy dining area

How exactly do you utilize zebra shades in Phoenix? It comes down to how you manipulate the opaque and sheer bands. If you want to bring in light, position them so solid and sheer sections in the front align with their corresponding back sections. Would you like total privacy? Match up the solid sections in front with the sheer ones in the back. Also, if you would like a wide open view of your home’s exterior, simply raise the shade to your desired position. You can effortlessly adjust zebra shades via conventional corded, cordless, and even motorized options.

What Are The Benefits Of Zebra Shades In Phoenix?

Zebra shade allows filtered light into a living room
Trying to figure out if zebra shades are appropriate for your Phoenix home? If you’re searching for lasting beauty, versatile control of sunlight, and ease of operation, these unique window treatments are the perfect option. Take into account the following advantages:
  • Distinct look: Zebra shades lend  an unmistakable style to any space as the opaque and transparent stripes create an eye-catching visual component. And since they can be found in a variety of styles and colors, you can custom-tailor them to fit your particular interior. They are also made to your window’s precise size.
  • Superior light control: Would you like soft, diffused sunlight, a wide open view of your property, or total darkness? You can achieve all three with zebra shades. Whenever you keep the sheer segments uncovered, you’ll be rewarded with a view to the outdoors and filtered sunlight indoors. When aligning the sheer segments with opaque ones, you can eliminate the sightline for privacy. This means zebra shades are appropriate for bedrooms, bathrooms, and family rooms. And remember, you may always raise the shade completely for full, unfiltered sunlight.
  • Easy functionality: An easy pull from the bottom or on a cord is all you have to do to reposition your shade. Take it a bit further and pick motorized shades you can operate from anywhere. Relaxing on the sofa and preparing to start a movie? Simply hold down a button and see how your room goes from bright light to darkness.

Customize Zebra Shades In Phoenix With Sunburst

Zebra shades are distinctive in the way the function, but you can customize them even more with Sunburst Shutters Phoenix. Schedule a no-cost in-home consultation and let our Phoenix window treatment experts help you design a transitional shade ideal for your interior. Dial 480-485-7743 today or submit our easy form to get started.