Caring for Shutters in Phoenix, AZ: Keep Shutters Clean and Enduring

Greg Arnett

One of the great things about shutters is that they can provide your home with protection, privacy, and aesthetic value – nevertheless, like all window treatments, they also need care and maintenance to last a long time. When placed outside, exposed to the elements and the harsh light of the Valley of the Sun, for instance, they tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and grime, taking a toll on their durability and functionality. Here are some helpful maintenance tips for Phoenix shutters you should know about:

Clean Shutters

Wiping and Washing

Close your shutters whenever you clean so you end up with a solid, flat surface you can easily wipe instead of a ridged surface where you have to reach into each crevice to clean. Run a clean rag over it, open the shutters again and wipe the small corners that you might have missed the first time over. If your shutter slats are removable, you can simply soak them in the bathtub and wipe off the gunk.

Dusting Wood Shutters

Clean wood shutters by spraying some wood polish on a dusting cloth and wipe it across the shutter surface (do this at least once a month). To do this efficiently, you might have to use a ladder; if you do, make sure to take safety precautions beforehand. Remember never to use a soap and water solution to clean wood fixtures in your home, since it could easily wear them down and even cause rot.

Power Washing

An article from advises that you could power wash some of your exterior shutters:

“With regard to exterior shutters, if power washing fails to remove mildew stains, you may want to try scrubbing the area with a solution of 1 part regular laundry bleach with 5 parts water. Test a small, inconspicuous area first as the bleach may cause discoloration.”

Additional Tips

In most cases, these tips are applicable whether your shutters are being used as a functional part of your window system, or simply for decorative purposes. Make sure that you read and follow any additional cleaning and maintenance instructions on the manufacturer’s manual. You can keep your shutters from discoloring by not using all-purpose cleaners, as they are sometimes abrasive and destructive to the material.

Whether you’re from Chandler or Phoenix, there’s no denying the value of interior and exterior window treatment. Trust companies like Sunburst Shutters AZ to properly install the efficient Chandler shutters, but you too, have a role to make them last. Maintain and clean your shutters for optimum longevity, appeal, and curb value.

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