Cool and Trendy Ideas for Phoenix Window Treatments This Coming Summer

Greg Arnett

The summer season is the perfect time for outdoor activities like taking road trips, selling lemonade, and even watching a game of peewee football. However, summer also possesses a challenge even for those people who prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes, as heat and hot air tend to get trapped indoors.

Cool and Trendy Ideas for Phoenix Window Treatments This Coming Summer

Rather than firing up the air conditioning system, making use of proper window treatments in Phoenix, and in other places in the Sunbelt States, is a more economical and sustainable solution. Boundless options are available when it comes to helping families make their homes less attractive to heat. This quote from Eco Design Center says more about it:

“Clearly there are endless options available to homeowners who want to utilize windows treatments to block out heat and keep their homes cool during the warm, summer months. Window treatments like blinds, curtains, and architectural louvers are sure to present an effective as well as cost efficient way to keep cool in the summer in an eco-friendly and affordable manner without wasting energy necessary to crank up the air conditioning. Not only do these window treatment options work, but they are also design savvy, so they will look great with the decor of the rest of your home, on both the inside and the outside.”

Phoenix, Arizona window treatments businesses, like Sunburst Shutters and Window Fashion, can help provide the needed solution to every home’s summer heat problems. In the meantime, here are other easy-to-follow trends and ideas to solve summer heat home problems:

1. Use heavy window curtains. Heavy window curtains have been used for centuries to trap the heat out of homes. They also provide wonderful decors that can become points of interests for house guests to talk about.

2. Purchase blackout shades. These are made of foam-backed, opaque fabric used to black out light in hotel rooms. Keeping sunlight away means keeping the heat outside of your house, too.

3. Install exterior window blinds. These are shutters directly installed to the windows. It functions like a venetian blind but it cannot be raised up or pulled down.

4. Make use of window awnings. Awnings or overhang are secondary coverings attached to the exterior wall. These are typically made of canvas woven from acrylic and stretched tightly over a light structure used to hang it.

5. Try out Smart Windows. Smart Windows are made from special glass that changes light transmission properties. By controlling the amount of light that passes through, it also reduces the amount of heat that gets inside of homes.

(Source: Window Treatment Design Ideas to Keep Out the Summer Heat, Eco Design Center, February 18, 2014)