Drawing the Fine Line Between Phoenix Window Shades and Window Blinds

Greg Arnett

Many people are confused about the difference between window shades and blinds, and use these two terms interchangeably. Home improvement expert Mark Donovan, founder of Home Addition Plus, and other experts explain the qualities that separate shades and blinds.

Window Shades

Window Blinds
Window blinds consist of horizontal or vertical slats that stack or tumble down using cords or strings that may be operated manually or by remote control. To make them easy to move, the slats have to be made out of lightweight materials. This is why most window blinds in the market are made of either wood or vinyl. High-quality blinds are treated to resist fading from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Donovan says blinds offer better light and privacy control than shades, owing to the adjustable slats. He writes:

“The angles associated with the vanes or slats are adjustable to increase or decrease natural light into the home. Window blinds can also be fully opened or closed to provide unobstructed outdoor views. In addition, they can be adjusted to provide privacy and prevent interior lighting from penetrating outside the home.”

Residents of cities like Phoenix, where a relatively high crime rate is a concern, can benefit from window blinds. Neighborhoods in the north and south experience more incidence of violent and property crimes than the rest of the city. Window blinds can help by letting in just the right amount of outside light without exposing the interior to would-be thieves who often look first before breaking in.

Window Shades
Window shades are considered soft window treatments, meaning they’re made out of delicate materials like fabric. Perhaps the root of confusion between blinds and shades come from the cellular shades design. These shades are designed to look like blind slats, but are actually constructed as one continuous material.

Just like blinds, window shades in Phoenix homes can also help regulate the flow of hot and cold air. However, Donovan says shades offer better insulation than blinds.

“Soft window treatments, such as window shades, are normally made out of fabric. Window shade fabric is typically either cloth or vinyl. Some offer insulating material that can help to keep a room warmer during winter months and cooler during summer months.”

Shades also have the advantage of easier installation compared to blinds.

With spring coming to Arizona, the quality of blinds and shades Chandler homes or Phoenix homes should have is very important. Reputable dealers like Sunburst Shutters AZ can provide the right product that will keep the heat at bay.