How To Replace A Broken Louver Pin



Video Transcript:

Greg: Hello again. It is Greg and George here. We are with Sunburst and we are going to show you how easy it is to replace a louver pin that is broken on your shutter. So, what’s wrong with this picture? Is there a little too much football in the house, maybe?

George: I would think there was some amateur wrestling going on.

Greg: Some kind of activity that shouldn’t be done by the shutter.

George: Chances are good.

Greg: Good news is we can fix it. Alright, first thing you need to do is, tell them what we need to do George. Get the old pin out of there.

George: Yeah. The head of the louver pin needs to be removed from the style. The vertical component on this, on the panel is called a style. So Greg’s going to pop that out using his utility blade.

Greg: With an exacto knife you can kind of just pry that out of there. Next thing we need to do is we just need to take the other piece of the louver pin out of the, uh. Two ways to do that, you can either do with…if you get lucky with an exacto knife or something, you can just pry that out of there. If its a little stubborn and that doesn’t work, sometimes you might need to go to plan b.

George: With that then, if you have any in your home, a sharp, pointed drywall screw with a pair of vise-grips, just clamp that in there. Then you come at the pin on an angle and push down and in and then wedge it up and by doing that then, if there is any damage in the louver it’s on the end you can’t see. At that point, you should be able to remove the shaft, the remnant.

Greg: So then we just need to replace that. They make these nice little replacement pins that are actually spring loaded. Okay, so you can put this side into the style and then you can spring load it, similar to what they do with a watch band, and what they’ll do is you can actually spring load that pin right back into place. So place it in the style first. Make sure it goes all the way in. You can even use the exacto knife to depress that, the pin, into itself. Might make that a little bit easier. There you go. There’s your louver, replaced.