How To Replace A Louver

First, the components in your shutter:

Plantation shutter components

  1. Stile
  2. Rail
  3. Tilt Rod
  4. Louver
  5. Mouse Hole

Replacement parts supplied:

  • Louver(s)
  • Spring pin(s) (mushrooms shaped button with retractable pin)
  • Louver pin(s)
  • Tilt rod staple(s)

Tools Needed:

Shutter louver pin

small hammer Small Hammer

utility knife Utility Knife

needle nose pliersNeedle Nose Pliers

wire cuttersWire Cutters

super glue Super Glue (gel)


1. Cut the staple in the tilt rod as illustrated below using your wire cutters.


2. Working from the back of the panel, insert the utility knife blade between the head of the louver pin and the damaged louver as shown.


The panel can be damaged during the following operation – exercise caution. Gently tap on the utility knife until the blade passes through the shaft on the louver pin. You should be able to remove the louver from the panel now.

3. Remove the remnants of the staple you cut in step 1.

4. Remove the remnants of the louver pin from the holestrip in the stile from step 2.

5. Insert a spring pin into the holestrip in the stile (either side will be fine).

6. Insert a louver pin into the louver. Gently tap the louver on a hard surface to seat the pin all the way into the louver.

7. Insert the louver (pin) into the holestrip in the other stile. Depress the spring pin (using the utility knife) and ease the louver into place until the pin pops into the hole in the new louver.

8. Grasp a new staple with your pliers and apply a drop of flue to the top leg as illustrated. If you put glue on the bottom leg, the louver could be marred when the staple is inserted into the tilt rod.


Adjust the louvers to approximately 45 degrees. Working from the back of the panel, insert the new staple through the staple in the louver as shown above, then into the holes left by the staple that you removed from the tilt.

If you have any questions about these instructions or you would like us to repair your louver for you, simply call us at 480-485-7743 and we will be happy to help.