Phoenix Window Treatments Offer the Widest Choice of Styles, Colors

Well-constructed windows add a distinctive feel to a room, and installing excellent Phoenix window treatments can positively enhance the ambiance. There are as many varieties of window treatments as there are many types of windows. The choice comes down to how they will fit with the room décor, and how practical the choice is based on your needs.

Window Treatment

Curtains and Draperies

The most common window treatments are curtains and drapes. Most are affordable and easiest to install. Angie’s List discusses them in her article on window treatments:

“Homeowners can select solid color curtains or draperies for a room or choose from a printed pattern that will complement the decor or theme that is desired for the room. These window treatments can be closed to block light from entering a room or left open. Most commonly, curtains and draperies are pulled to the sides of the window and secured with a tie.”

Though they are often grouped together, curtains and draperies are not the same. Curtains often cover entire windows, while drapes can partially cover them. Some drapes can be cleaned by just vacuuming them, while curtains have to be taken out and washed.


Blinds are often chosen for rooms that need variable levels of light. Unlike curtains and drapes, window blinds are made up of slats that can be adjusted by a cord or a stick. This makes it easy to adjust how much light can get in, while the slats can be fully retracted to give a full view. Initially made of plastic or vinyl, there are today several variants available in the market, including blinds for exterior use.


Shutters are more solid and tougher versions of blinds. Instead of being inside a room, shutters are often installed outside, but there are also interior versions. Usually made of wood, this particular window treatment offers the advantages of additional weather protection, security, privacy, and minimal thermal shock.


Window shades are similar to curtains and drapes. Usually made of plastic or fabric, they are an affordable alternative that can easily be installed. Some variants use a special reflective fabric that helps reduce the heat build-up in a room

Special Options

Companies that install standard window treatments in Phoenix like Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions also offer special products like window films. Applied directly to a window, these special films can significantly reduce any heat gain (and UV penetration) inside the home, while also providing shatter-proof benefits that do not make it any easier for intruders trying to gain entry through the windows.

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