Shut Out Unwanted Eyes with Quality Privacy Blinds for Phoenix Homes

Greg Arnett

Media outlets sometimes experience “slow news days,” where there’s not much news to report. However, filming through a home’s window for news without consent is taking it too far.

In 2012, the Australian Communications and Media Authority cried foul over an Adelaide-based media outlet for filming a home birth without the family’s consent. Despite the report’s efforts to conceal the identities of most people involved, the media outlet was found guilty of breaching a house’s privacy, a clear violation of the new guidelines introduced a year prior.

“The footage was said to be intrusive and identified the complainant and his family inside their home and surrounds, which had been broadcast without the complainant’s knowledge or concern for their privacy.

The broadcast also contained sensitive personal medical information about the birth of the complainant’s newborn child and that they were using the services of an unregistered midwife under investigation.

The investigation by the Australian Communications and Media Authority said the report featured footage of the outside of the complainant’s house, and faces were filmed through a window.”

As this is the first case of its kind, no sanctions were imposed. However, the ACMA instructed the outlet to brief their staff of this incident and train them to avoid similar circumstances in the future.

channel nine news in adelaide breached familys privacy with homebirth news item

On the window industry’s point of view, however, this points to security issues about windows with no form of privacy protection. An invasion of privacy by camera crew may be unlikely for now, but one by thieves is all too common. Security experts say thieves look through a home’s window to see if there’s anything worth stealing and if anyone’s home.

Blocking the house from outside view is important, especially when you’re out or fast asleep. Simple window treatments like curtains and blinds in Phoenix can do the job, denying any would-be thief of valuable information about the interior of your house. Close the blinds at night and open them at day, but only when you’re at home. Even with the slats open, seeing through the window covered in quality blinds in Phoenix at least won’t be easy.

Having blinds can also help with light control, filtering the sunlight entering the room. In effect, this makes the room a little bit cooler than if the blinds were drawn up. Blinds dealers like Sunburst Shutters AZ offer various designs of window blinds to protect you.

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