Going Beyond Comfort: Child Safety and Window Coverings in Phoenix

Greg Arnett

Of the many different home solutions available, window coverings or rullaverhots, as others would call them, are one of those items that offer more than comfort and indoor temperature improvement. In states like Arizona where temperatures can really go high, anything that is capable of providing comfort amidst the heat is highly-appreciated by residents.

“Even if your windowpanes are protected against UV light, some of it will still go through, and so will the light itself, as well as heat. Proper rullaverhot, be they blinds, curtains, or even solid wooden or metal flaps, can minimize or totally block heat as part of sunlight.

This is particularly important, especially if the house itself tends to warm up fast during the daytime. By having rullaverhot in place, you can slow down and keep your house cool, even if it’s bright and hot outside.”

As shared in the article by Athlete’s Log, window coverings in hot and humid areas offer several benefits, which also include aesthetic and cost-efficiency aspects. When searching for window coverings in Phoenix, consumers should look beyond these benefits and also consider the aspect of safety, especially when it involves children.


Studies from various groups, including the Journal of American Medical Association, reported hundreds of cases where children were strangled by cords that come with these window coverings over the last few decades. Though it is important to consider the benefits of these window solutions when it comes to comfort, it is equally imperative for homeowners to pick the ones that also offer safety features. There are companies like Sunburst Shutters that manufacture shades and blinds that are operated using remote controls or with cords that are hidden.

Moreover, these motorized options give you the freedom to adjust the blinds and shades without having to get up from your seat while relaxing comfortably on your couch after a long and tiring week. Comfort and functionality, along with all the aesthetic benefits of blinds and roller shades for Phoenix homes, need not be compromised as you consider safety. Always keep in mind that the value for money of every product should also equate to the safety of its users, and investing in something that could pose danger to your family may not be a good buy after all.

(Source: “Rullaverhot: The Benefits of Having Window Coverings,” Athlete’s Log, January 14, 2014)