Phoenix Window Blinds Can Help Residents Get Through Allergy Season

Greg Arnett

Allergy season comes to Phoenix once more. The blistering heat and irritating dust circling the city will surely take their toll on affected city residents.

Valley Doctor

In the midst of dust and pollen taking to the air again, allergist Dr. Janette Reeves of the Cigna Medical Group recently shared tips with CBS5’s Katie Baker. This may be the perfect time to review your window treatments, as keeping Phoenix window blindsclean is among the tips the doctor offered.

“The shutters, curtain and blinds need to be cleaned regularly to get rid of lingering dust particles.”

Bad Place for Allergies
While Phoenix is not among this year’s top ten worst places for allergies, the climate and geography of the city are more than enough to make its residents susceptible to allergy attacks. Phoenix is right at the center of the Sonoran Desert where temperatures can reach up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. With climate change a cause for concern, these temperatures may even soar higher.

The Sonoran Desert, however, is also one of the wettest deserts in the country. It receives up to 16 inches of rainfall a year, enough to sustain plant life outside the comfort zone. You can guess where much of the pollen and dust come from during allergy season. Plants within the city can also kick in some pollen with the right wind.

Easy-to-Clean Blinds
No window treatment is immune to dust and dirt, and window blinds get riddled with dust and dirt after some time. Unlike other window treatments however, window blinds in Phoenix, AZ, like those from Sunburst Shutters AZ, are less likely to keep the dust and dirt for a longer period. These shutters are easier to clean and manage compared to fabric window treatments like heavy drapes.

If you want to minimize cleaning, Reeves suggests keeping the windows shut for most of the day. You may open your windows to get fresh air in the home, but to reduce the risks of letting pollen is, avoid the parts of the day when pollen proliferation is at its peak.

“And remember to keep the windows shut, especially in the morning and in the early afternoon when the pollen count is at the highest.”

The right kind of window treatments will not only cut down your energy bills, but also help avoid frequent trips to the hospital. Allergies are no laughing matter when spring comes, especially to a place close to lots and lots of sand. Choose window blinds if members of the household can’t afford to be exposed to irritants in the air.

(Source: Valley doctor helps patients keep allergies under control, CBS5, March 26, 2014)